Nutritious Homemade Meals


Our team of dedicated full time chefs produce delicious and nutritious homemade meals using meat, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables which are all sourced from highly reputable suppliers. We are mindful of special dietary requirements for religious and cultural reasons and to ensure that medical requirements are fulfilled.


Breakfast time


In the morning the children are offered fresh milk or water together with a home-made biscuit, bread or fruit. We encourage the children to hand out the cups and home-made biscuits and they are supported in pouring their own drink too. If you would prefer for your child in our baby group (0-2 years) to have formula milk you will need to provide this as and when required.


Lunch time


Lunch is served in three different sittings. The children sit down to a delicious home cooked meal. Their teachers encourage good manners and the correct use of cutlery!


Tea time


Teatime begins at 3.30pm. Our chefs prepare a nutritious meal for the children.




Please note we follow a very strict 'no nut policy' and due to various allergies within the school, we kindly ask that your child does not bring in food from home. If there is a special circumstance, please email the school office in advance.


'sweet treats' are limited to special occasions such as the end of the term or a celebration within the school.



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