Our School Year & Sessions


The School Year is divided into three terms:


Autumn Term (September to December)

Spring Term (January to Easter)

Summer Term (After Easter to July)


In each of the terms we offer morning, afternoon and full day sessions.


Morning Sessions:

7.30 am to 1.00 pm (including a snack & lunch)


Afternoon Sessions:

1.00 pm to 6.30 pm (including tea)


Full day:

7.30 am to 6.30 pm (including snack, lunch & tea)


In order to give you the greatest flexibility we offer the choice for your child to attend mornings, afternoons, full days or a mixture of all three.


Once your child turns three, we advise attending 5 sessions per week (mornings or afternoons) during term-time. This is in order for your child to be prepared for school assessments, as well as to gain maximum benefit from the broad curriculum and to ensure a smooth transition from Nursery to Pre-Preparatory School.


Those children who are under three years of age who attend the morning session will sleep after lunch for approx 1 hour 30 minutes unless otherwise advised.

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