Preschool- Science experiments- an opportunity to introduce children to the concepts of observation,prediction and testing.

Learing about life cycle-understand the characteristics of living things, appreciate the importance of the diversity of life, and begin to recognize the infinite number of ways that living things can interact with each other and with their environment.


Healthy Eating

Educating children on healthy eating can lay the path for a healthy life.

Messy play

exploring different feelings and textures

Exploring Mud Kitchen


Being creative by using different ustensils,pots and jugs


Home to home environment


Sand Play- stretches the imagination, it promotes physical development, it encourages social skills, it promotes cognitive development, enhances mathematical concepts,it incorporates artistic expressions.


Physical Development- the control of large muscles for movement,navigation and balance. Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills. Physical development during the first years in a child life will include changes in the child's brain, gross and fine motor skills, and health.

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