Our Parent's Feedback

Parent, Lewisham Nursery (2019)

Our daughter has settled in like a dream to this nursery, no tears whatsoever, even on day one! This tells you all you need to know.

This is a warm and nurturing environment where children and babies are cared for by a team of excellent staff. Leadership is great. Communication and relationships with parents, families and the children are strong and they have a wonderful outdoors, healthy, forest schools ethos.

Parent, Lewisham Nursery (2018)

Brilliant staff. Really kind towards the children and keen to help their development. We receive regular online updates which are lovely to see. Good facilities too, larger outdoor space than other local nurseries.

Very pleased we decided to send our daughter here.

Parent, Wandsworth Nursery (2019)

The staff at Lysth Nursery are amazing! They are professional, caring, honest and always very approachable. My child has been attending Lysth Nursery for just over a year and is extremely happy and continuing to thrive. My husband and I viewed many local nurseries and certainly made the right choice.

It really is a home from home! The garden is very big and my son enjoys playing outside, every day he comes home and talks about what insects he found in the garden.

Parent, Wandsworth Nursery (2019)

I highly recommend Lysth Bilingual Nursery, the staff are amazing, caring and professional.

My daughter loves the nursery and her teachers, she has had a brilliant time in the last three years. Thank you so much to all the staff.

Parent, Wandsworth Nursery (2019)

Very caring and loving environment. They made myself and my little one feel at home. He loves it, when he sees the door he runs in as fast as he can.

Parents, Mandarin Aupair live out nanny service (2013)

Jing has been a virtually indispensable nanny to our son,  since he was about 6 months. She has been with us from about 8am-6pm five days a week (Mon-Fri), but comes early and leaves late to make sure everything set (and has often stayed later when we run behind from the office). She has also babysat on numerous occasions for Hunter for late evenings and/or weekends.

One incredible aspect of Jing is that she was a medical doctor in China and she moved to the UK so that her son could be educated here. Our son,had a very bad case of GERD (silent reflux) and while this factored in our decision making of bringing on Jing – she has far surpassed all our expectations.